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SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Made Easy for your Home Security


Did you know that offer the most security for your home and now available for sale in USA only. SkyBell provide you more security because you will alway know who’s will stand at your door with the most high technology for Wi-Fi Video Doorbell plus HD quality. When your visitor presses the button your SkyBell will sends a live video to your smart phone or device that you setup so you can see, speak and hear from the person who stand at your door from anywhere, and sure it all in full HD.

SkyBell HD work very easy for 2 function from the following

  1. The Sky Bell Application Sends Alert: Your visitor presses the doorbell and your SkyBell will send a live feed alert to your smartphone.
  2. See, Speal and Hear your Visitor: Where ever you are you will be able to see, hear and speak with your visitor with iOS and Android devices no matter where your day takes you.

SkyBell HD offer high technology with 12 Features


  1. HD Video which you can see your visitor up to 1080p HD and 5x Zoom.
  2. Free Video Recording, Not only see, hear and speak but SkyBell can record each video so you can download or watch them at any time.
  3. Activity History with includes missed visitor, answered video calls and motion alerts which you can review the day’s event while you were away.
  4. SkyBell HD able to snap photos and you can capture a photos of your visitor with the touch of a button
  5. Rugged this feature is very good because only SkyBell can work between -40 and 140 degrees F
  6. Color Night Vision, you will feel more safety because you will knowing and see your visitor at night with in full color HD Video
  7. Multiple User able to receive alerts to answer the door and you can also have multiple device on each account.
  8. Motion Sensor only skybell can do for alert you even if your visitor does not press button. This feature can provide additional security.
  9. Live Monitoring by monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from app in your smart phone.
  10. Hear & Speak with 2 way audio which means that you can enjoy a full conversation with your visitor.
  11. Quiet Mode by turn off your hone’s doorbell chime from the app so it will not wake up your baby or disturb you and your family.
  12. Theft Guarantee, if your SkyBell is stolen, they will replace it with free of charge.

SkyBell offer Free App


With convenience, Control and Cutting Edge which can keep tabs on your front door anywhere and anytime with high technology plus security with the free skybell app for iOS & Android. You can take control over your door and increase your security where ever you are, what ever you do, you can see who stand in front of your door with SkyBell by using app.

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