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Silent heart attacks can happen?

What about silent heart attacks?

Heart attack with few no or atypical symptoms are far more common than was previously though according to a US study. One in 4 people with suspected heart disease were found to have had one and people with diabetes were especially at risk. Some people may remember experiencing vague symptoms but other have no recollection at all. As a result they miss out on treatment that can help reduce the workload of the heart and reduce the risk of future attacks. As well as the classic symptom of curshing chest pain, watch out for more subtle symptoms such as pressure or altered sensation in the chest, jaw, neck or shoulders, stomach ache, indigestion or breathlessness.

Recognise the signs

Act fast is the acronym to remember.

If you or someone you are with experience any of these classic signs of a stroke event if only briefly go to hospital.

Facial Weakness with inability to smile or drooping eye or mouth

Arm weakness can you raise both arms?

Speech problem with inability to speak clearly or understand anyone

Go to the emergency unit at your local hospital

Other suspect symptoms may include

Numbness, weakness or an altered sensation on one side of the body. Sudden confusion, dizziness, unsteadiness or loss of co-ordination or loss of balance. Problem with carring out routine tasks at home or work. Visual disturbances partial or complete loss of sight in an eye.



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