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Sense of yourself

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Sense of self: This is based on experiences from childhood to the present and the roles that you play in life, at work as a partner, a girlfriend, sister. If you have a sturdy senses of self you may find it easier to set boundaries in relationship. Go for the promotion you want or take a calculated risk such as asking someone out or starting business. If you sense of self is not clear or strong you may tend to make decision based on what other close to you think and want. Particularly in romantic relationship for over time this can cause you to lose touch with what you need in life to be filfilled and happy.

For sense of self that you can express your opinions which you often give over to the opinions of other because you want approval. Difference of opinion and interest signal discord and will provoke confrontation. In face differing tastes values and attitudes are a healthy sign of emotional vitality and should be acknowledged and embraced. All the thing to avoid is passive attacks that mean you should say what you want be honest about what you need and want such as music that you want to listen to, what film you want to see and what restaurant you would prefer. Tell a story at a party without looking to other to agree with you. Reflect on what you want and need. Ask questions of yourself to enquire about what you enjoy in every aspect of life from your social interaction to work. For the result with your powers of discernment will grow. This self knowledge will make you clearer about what you need and want in your life.



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