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Self Worth and Self Concept

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This is firmly linked to identity which dicteates how you navigate and respond to many different aspects of life. It may alter during changes such as the end of a relationshi. It may also flip flop at different time which depending on what going on in your romatic relationship, family and work life.

Self Worth

First of all disect your responses by list the situation and emotion that link up to trigger behaviour that you would like to change such as

Parties & Anxiety, Shy

Encounter with Boss > Fear of conflict, bumbling

Family Outing > Low Self Esteem, Aggressive

Housework > A Willingness to please, too accommodating

Work Meetings > The need to noticed, dominating

Beside each point which you can write a list of how you would prefer to be regarded such as more assertive less accommodating, spontaneous, laid back, dependable, in control. Set a goal by break your goal of writing a novel or even taking a long overseas trip into smaller steps such as setting up a saving account for your travel. Goals can help you feel uplifted and more purposeful and in control of your life.

Self Concept

Your personality, family, birth and expereience with your friend at school even life event which all of these will impage your self concept. If you label yourself or feel labelled by other then your self concept may limiting and this can stop you from embracing changes that could lead to great experience and new relationship and skill.

Take a few risk for something is a great things that can happen when you step out of yur comfort zone or give yourself a new challenge whether by trying a new sport or going to a new nightclub or taking off the weekend by breaking your old routine and being a little spontaneous and unpredictable, you will be open the new experience that will make you feel that you life is more interesting and help you realise that you are far more capable of coping with change and challenge than you think. One more thing is that you have to go at the more likely you are to find thing that you do fatastically well.

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