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Self Esteem for your daily life

Below you will see a tips for Self Esteem


Thisis often based on judgements and evaluations and ongoing metal progress report about how we shape up in comparison to other. If you feel you rate high in intelligence, beauty and body shape, your self esteem is likely to be healthier. If not you may feel gloomy about the future and be intensely self critical. All you have to do is stop making comparisons which you often mythologise the poeple that you compares yourself with other. You will faily to see their hang ups and faults and assume that you are supremely confident and happy. To compy a person with who doesn’t actually exist and in the process that you make yourself uptight and miserable.

After years of promising yourself and you would learn to ski you have booked your first snow bound holiday. Do not spend the entire time thinking about how many times that you have fallen over or how ridiculous you must appear to the ski instructor. Concentrate instead on how much youy have been looking forward to this experience and how bravely you are getting up and having another go every time you fall down. Fulfilling any achievement involves hundreds of deliberate step towards your goal and they should all be acknowledged.



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