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Sanitary Ware: Do and Don’t

Tips to do and do not do on Sanitary Ware

Sanitary Ware Do and Don't

Do – you have to firm up your sanitary fixture by selection early in your renovation process as some of your selected items may not be in stock and will need time to indent.
Do – you have to check the dimensions of individual products in order to determine the fit of your individual body proportion. For the recommended height to install various sanitary fixtures which you should be able to specify the installation height of your personal preference .


Don’t – Do not expect to be able to adjust the height of the bathroom ceramics that you have bought it already. For example a free standing basin with a fixed height can not be extended or cut to fit your comfort level that you can bending down to wash your face or brush your teeth.


Do – You must consider a coner basin if you have a small bathroom because corner basin are very efficient space and saver that able to transform a tight corner into a useful space.


Do – You must try a semi recessed basin if your space is constraint and shorten the depth of the vanity counter by at least half and these will allow you to have some counter surface to organize your toiletries and not cramp your bathroom space too much.


Don’t – Do not forget to get a smaller perforated waste filling installed in your shower drain because it can helps you to prevent most loose hairs from being drained into the pipe and clogging it.

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