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Safe Picks Week 2 at FanDuel NFL

Safe Picks Week 2 at FanDuel NFL

Safety pick is important and it’s the best choice for everyone now in the beginning of Week 2 for NFL. which assembling that line up 50/50 leagues. The best way of select a players is a reliability of match up potential and the record in the past. For a potential player that have a good record will make FanDuel user feel much more confident to click at n choose 50/50’s double up these contests.

Wide Receiver

For the Wide Receiver that have been recommended is Jordy Nelson, Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston. These players are the best choice for safety pick at FanDuel.

Jordy Nelson: At FanDuel he have price at $7,900 which he can passing a lot of attack so it’s make sense that he is the one that in a list of suggest for top receiving option. Nelson have posts 9 receptions with 83 yards from 14 targets. He can do the best pass in defense in the league so no doubt that he is the one that have been selected from many FanDuel user.

Another person is Reggie Wayne that have price at FanDuel at $6,200. Everyone know that he is not the best selection for Wide Receiver but his record show with exemplified by a team high by 13 targets with 98 yards last week so it’s make he in a list of safe pick at FanDuel. Philadelphia provide the best result for Fantasy Point to WR’s last year so the result in week 2 these year will be high scoring which refer from the statistic.

Third players that recommended is Marques Colston that have a price in FanDuel at $5,600 which he is reliable and efficient. Colston is a factor in Mid-Range with 50/50 style pick. There are a disadvantage from playing TD’s with New Orleans is plethora of weapons but you can assure that Colston valuable enough for you to spend your cash for him.


For the safe pick of Quarterback in week 2 of NFL at FanDuel is Jake Locker, Nick Foles and Aaroon Rodgers. We will begin with Nick Foles that have price at $8300. The reason that why he in a safe pick list is because he and do a second resurrection to in the fantasy game. For the result that may happen on these Monday night is a match up figures by back and forth shootout. Many player expected that he and fly like a Eagles on these Monday and provide the most fantasy score plus friendly game.

Jake Locker that have price for $7,400 which he is targeting on Quarterback line. He looked great in week 1 of NFL with defense 266 yards with 2 TDs so it’s not to hard to expect that he will do a great job in second week.

Rodgers from GBFor the last safety pick is Aaron Rodgers which have price at $9,100 which he have the highest price for Quarterback in the first week because he got a full performance and full potential which you can see and read from FanDuel’s Mailbag. He’s a top tier of the best quarter back in the game so no doubt that he is the most favorite quality back in Fantasy Game.

Running Back

For running back player with a safety pick list have 3 players which have Adrian Peterson, Montee Ball and Rashad Jennings.

Safe pick for RUNNING BACK playersLet’s start with Adrian Peterson that have the highest price in Fantasy Game at $8,800 for last week and he also call pro-running back because he is a top tier ball carrier. For a statistic of Peterson is 80 up to 100 yards with 1-2 TDs.

Rashad Jenning that have price at $6,700. Jenning got silver line in New York from Detroit which he have stat line up to 96 total yards with all the goal line carrier.

For the last safety pick for Running Back player is Montee Ball from DEN that have price at $8,100. From the statistic of his carry is 2.9 yard per carry which is his average. The number of his carry will surly increase in these week.

Tight End

There are two players that in a safe pick list in Week 2 at NFL. For the first players is Jimmy Garham with a price at $8,000. In the past he is number 1 in TE play and his price is not too high and also affordable. Any game that in a 8k range will select Garham because he is in the top consider for lineup spot. In 50/50 style contest, he will the a nice selection for TE position.

Kicker and Defense
Kicker and Defense
For a safety pick for Kicker game is Nate Freese in DET that have price for $4,500 which he got a minimum price range on the team with a great offense. He can be a full capable if setting him up with a variety of attempts.

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