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Rock Climbing Tips

Below you will see a few tips for rock climbing

Rock clibming and abseiling are sports and physical pursuit that extend a long way back in human history. It is a stand on the top of rock and mountains many civilisation have chased the heightst at great risk and peril over a centuries. Rock climbing and abseiling are quite different, although they are linked by the aspect that for many rock climber the only way down is to abseil. Having said that it’s the best to split the explanation of the two sports for the purpose of not upsetting those who immerse themselves in one or the other.

The basics

To clarify, rock climbing is exactly that in modern time climbing artificial surfaces have grown in popularity for ease of access and spectator appeal. In short it is the sports of going up. Abseiling also referred to at times as rappelling. The act of decending on a rope is therefore the sports of going down. It’s borrowed from the German. Rock climbing is both a sport, a passion and for some a lifestyle. It has the ability to tease you into a relationship with the surface you are climbing that is ever evolving and never the same twice. It will hang you on the edge and you your muscle an ongho9ing workout for the duration of thep itch. After all to relax is to come off the rock.

Rock climbing is divided into 3 categories

1. Bouldering is low to the ground and used for builing technique and warming up. This is normally done without a harness but a bouldering mat is highly advised.

2. Top rope climbing is where the safety line is set above the climber and the rope goes from the base of the climb up through the carabiners and safety lines set at the top and then back down to the climbing parter known as the belyer.

3. Lead climbing is where the first climber carries the rope with him and places protection. Effectively the lead climber is climbing above the rope safety anchors. The rope then passes through the set anchors and back down to the belayer.

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