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Remodelled your bathroom with boutique hotel suite ideas

Time to change your bathroom design

Time to change your bathroom design

Luxury in your bathroom

Not everything is a perfect fit when you nove to a new house and for many people the time to call in a designer is before the move, not after. That’s preciselt what the owner of the house did. The bathroom featured can be a dark wood finished, tumbled stone and glass blocks. It’s can also add a large tiled tub deck which it was simply not inspiring. If you want to push the design boundaries with a suite that was more than luxury hotel design. For the recommended in your bedroom you can introducing new ceiling mouldins in a custom circular pattern. Each motif can helped to define the entire suite. If you put a false wall behind your bed you can also add a light feature that doubles as an artwork. This features can be dark wood which using laser cut. The pattern able to inspired by a floral motif that is reference to the owner cultural heritage. The panel is backlit with color lighting that can be changed although the preference is currently for blue.

The bath tub deck can be replaced with a freestanding bath. The bath sits beneath another large installation designed with their features. A collection of bowls finished in gold leaf and mounted in dark wood frames. The vanities are also wall mounted on shimmering textural gold linen.

If you want the vanities to be displayed as artwork the effect is heightened by the LED back lighting and integrated lighting within the mirror. In order to keep it simple and clean lined you should not opt for vanity light fixtures. You can also add painted wall panels with a custom routed circular pattern and warm gold tiles that able to wrap the vanity walls and floor.



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