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Relaxation Techniques

Below you will see a great tips for relaxation techniques

An exciting study was conducted by top university that reported slowing the breath to six breaths a minute could positively affect heart rate variability and reduce blood pressure and the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. To achieve the benefits mentioned which you need to slow your breathing rate to deactivate your sympathetic nervous system and turn on the rest and digest response. Together with breathing and yoga, incorporate mindfulness meditation into your daily practice. Mindfulness is maintaining awareness of the present moment paying attention to arising thoughts feelings, sensations and surroundings with kindness toward yourself and without judgement or attachment.

The yoga program have included breating, postures, meditation and relaxation. The beginners’ group showed lower than average symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, yet again validating that yoga practice, meditation, breathing and relaxation exercise can be effective in stress management.

Breathing & Meditation Practices

For each of the practices that sit under the opposite knee on folded blanket or cushion to gently elevate your hips and tilt your pelvis slightly forward and down. Alternatively you may choose to sit in with your hips elevated on a cushion, blanket or block, geet placed in front of each other in front of the pelvis and knees spreading wide and resting on the floor. Place your hands on your things or your knees with palms facing down. Relax your shoulders with shoulder bleades flate on your upper back neither rolled forward nor squeezed towards each other. Keep your upper torso above your hips and your spine elongated with the crown of ypour head lengthening towards the ceiling. Your chin is slightly tucked in and your tongue, jaw and facial muscles are relaxed, 10 count breathing practice exercise. In yoga also know as victorious breath is considered a tranquilising and relaxing practice that also has a warming effect on the body. It calms the mind soothes the nervous system.

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