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Race Day Essentials

Prepare for your Race Day

Race Day essentials thought pushing through mile 12 way tough? Walt until you realize there is no toilet paper back in the van and do not forget to pack this stuff.

Clothes – Bring three full outfit plus underware, one for each of your turns and flip flops so you can air out your toes during break. You might need a jacket or gloves for cooler night runs.

Plastic Bags – Store your sweaty threads here and keep a dryer sheet in each bag to de-funkiy them.

Massage Tool – A foam roller helps increase circulation and range of motion before and after runs. Pack a travel friendly one like triggerpoint grid mini foam roller. A tennis ball cal also work.

Running Belt – Make sure you have something to carry essentials like water, an extry layer and tissues.

Toiletries – Think deodorant, face and body wipes, a toothbrush.

Night Gear – Most races require anyone starting a leg after sundown to wear a reflective vest, a headlamp and a blinking LED tailight.

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