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Quick DIY Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

FaucetDirect.com Save Up To 40% On Kohler Faucets (125x125)Kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures get more use than anything else in the home. From morning until night, these fixtures are turned on and off, flushed, scrubbed, and take more abuse than you might think. And even a quick replacement can completely rejuvenate any living space. FaucetDirect.com has everything you need to give your bathroom and kitchen a quick and easy upgrade—and you can do it yourself from start to finish. (Find video step-by-step instructions here.)

The kitchen is where your guests gather, so give it the attention it deserves. A kitchen faucet can be the kitchen’s centerpiece. A single handle kitchen faucet offers the most accurate volume and temperature control, while a double handle faucet has more design options. And if you think installing a kitchen faucet is too challenging, think again.

The bathroom is a place to express your creativity. You win every time you combine reliability with aesthetics. Want a focal point for your bathroom? The faucet is an ideal choice, and it’s just as easy (if not easier) to install than a kitchen faucet. Today’s toilets save more water than ever. Replacing your old, water-guzzling toilet for a newer, more efficient fixture is something you can do yourself, but you’ll need an extra set of hands.

And don’t forget about the lighting and easy-to-install bathroom accessories (towel bar and towel rack, robe hook and toilet paper holder) that help to make your bathroom run smoothly.

When you’re ready to upgrade and refresh your kitchen or bathroom, shop FaucetDirect.com for the best deals. Save an additional 3% when you spend $299 or more, just by using the Faucet Direct Coupon below.

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