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Quality sleep is essential for optimal growth

Below you will see a great idea for quality sleeping

During sleep time when our bodies enter a heightened anabolic state which results in the rejuvenation and repair of the immune nervous skeletal and muscular systems. A number of internal processes occur at night to make this happen in particular a pronounced anabolic hormonal response. These processes release important growth factors such as human growth hormone and testosterone during the night to stimulate the repair process. In face more than 90% of human growth supply is actually released while you sleep as pulsatile secretion increase after 1 hours up to 2 hours of sleep. With maximal secretion occurring during later stage of sleep. However, while everything else is working to aid recovery and your bodies also need a steady supply of the nutrients and substracted requried to repair damaged muscle tissue and replenish whatever was depleted during training. Without sufficient amounts of amino acids free fatty acids and glucose the anabolic porcess is unable to run its full course. In additional when the natural release of human growth hormone stops and you run out of amini acids to synthesise new protein your body will enter to state that called nocturnal post absorptive muscle catabolism which this happen every night and it is a natural process that can not be stopped. However there are ways to mitigate how much muscle tissue is lost to the process.

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