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Playit safe and avoid 4 common training

Below you will see a great tips for you to avoid 4 common training mistakes


First of all you have to check your ego at the door first in order to avoid these 4 common training mistakes will keep you in the gym. You may think that weight room injuries only happen to those who are inexperienced but the truth is gym injuries can happen to anyone from seasoned athletes to first time lifters. Injuries resulting from using improperform to being a little too ambitious with the weight are typical and can almost always be prevented so the next time you hit the gym keep in mind that safe by remembering these 4 common training error and you will avoid injury and get the much closer to your goals.

Improper Technique: With poor exercise technique is the most common cause of both chronic injuries which is the kind that develop over time and acute injuries is the kind that are immediate and specific that occur at the gym. Action that force your body joints to move incorrectly place abnormal stresses on the joints and their structures potentially causing tears and strains to tendons and muscles. For the solution by practice the exercise technique before loading up the weight once you are comfortable with the motion then aim to perform each repetition correctly. You will avoid painful injuries and make the exercise much more effective.


Too much weight: The second most common training mistake that leads to preventable injury is lefting too much weight. Without question, the process of increasing strength and muscle depends on increasing the amount you lift and challening your limits, however if you can’t steadily control the amount of weight you are lifting in both the concentric and eccentric movements of the exercise you are lifting too much. Control means not having to use momentum to jerk the weight up and being able to lower the weight slowly and methodically. For the solution be reduce the amount of weight so that the number of repetitions in any given set can be performed correctly adhering to form when increasing the weight to a point where you are hitting failure use a spotter to help you safely push your limits.


Not resting enough between sets: Various types of workouts have different preset periods of rest between each set. Often bootcamps and crossfit workouts have a minimal rest period and it usually because of the goal is maintaining an elevated heart rate and effective increasing calorie burn. However it also depending on your fitness level, and you will need to use these rest period. For the solution be resting 1 or 2 mintues between sets to let your muscles recover. By not resting enough you are at risk of fatiguing your muscles too early to continue your workout with strict form.

Not Warming up or Stretching: Warming up and stretching is a basic thing before your training or exercise. It accomplish very different but equally important goals. Unfortunately most people do little of either if any at all. The purpose of warming up is to increase blood flow into the body’s muscles, ligaments and tendons. This help to increase the joiunt’s mobility and flexibility. The purpose of stretching after the workout is to relax the muscles and improve their elasticity as well as joint mobility. For the solution is a prior to your work out perform a set of exercise with light weight and high repetitions or 5 to 10 minutes on a cardio machine at a low resistance. You can also do a few mintues of dynamic stretching. After your workou do at least 5 mintues of static stretches, paying attention to the muscles and joints that were used.




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