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Nutrition Tips for your health

Below you will see a great tips for Nutrition

The number of times lower the doses of resveratrol can be than official recommendations to benefit health. The compound producted in grapes and cacao beans has been linked with longevity but previous research found that doses needed to be exeptionally high to activate an evolutionarily acient stress response in human cells according to experts.

What is worse? Salt V Sugar

Sugar: We are not talking fresh fruit but added sugars in packaged foods have a bigger case to answer in high blood pressure and heart disease than added salt. From the research show that fructose found in some diet shakes was worst for hypertension risk. Keep fructose to less htan 74 g a day and avoid added sugars where possible if you can not blunt your sweet tooth get into healthy desserts made with stevia and cacao.

Carbs: You could almost triple your satch fats and leave your blood relatively unscathed but increasing carbs drives up blood levels of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid linked to diabetes and heart disease risk. Palmitoleic acid dropped with lower carb intake and rose when carbs where reintroduced. Basically an increase which means more carbs are converted into fat instead of being burned as fuel. In order to reduce carbs and add fat to ensure the body efficiently burns saturated fat rather than storing it. Low carb is 50 to 130 g. Carbs daily and 10% up to 26% of calories while high carb test subjects consumed 55% of food in carbs.

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