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New Tiles Ideas to highlight your spaces

Januaury 2015 introduce new tiles ideas that can create luxury space for your home
Wood Tiles
The new Nitco Tiles format that can highligh your space

Space is a luxury in today’s day and age. For somethime they able to across as cramped leading one in order to feel clastrophobic. Nito Tiles is one of the best tiles that understand these important matter which opening up a space and have launched in many store such as Wood Stellar Stone, Wondrous and MArble Mammoth. The wood tiles able to inspired range that comes in 198×1200 mm size which each tiles are use six color prism from printing HD digital technology to imagine the exact impressions of wood. The nature is known to have a claming effect on senses that become a quest to incorporate it into one”s personal space. Wood Tile such as Wondrous have wood range reinterprets wood like textures to suit the modern contemporary space whilst bringing on close to mother nature. The large size format of these tiles opens up the space.

You can designed you place to look differnt with Nitco tiles which have quality standards and it range offer high breaking strength, high abrasion resistance with less bend and warpage features. The tile’s itself have high durability and dirt resistant properties which also promise to outperform any other surface decoration solution that currently on the market. The unique point from Nitco is approach the design extends to their showroom that spread across the country.

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