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New and Improved Stylish Refrigerator

NEW Stylish Line Refrigerator that cools down rapidly
New and Improved Stylish Refrigerator

The leader in Refrigerator that concern about environmentally friendly which now offer advanced technology is encased in a frameless two door body. Hitachi has developed and incorporated new technologies in a few ways. If you go to refrigerator store you will familair with the word inverter. For the new technologies that juse add from Hitachi is the inverter X Dual Fan that using 2 fan for colling system which these uses dual form inverter compressor to rapidly and able to separatedly cool down each individual compartment of the refrigerator. The efficient use of energy redues consumption by 25%. For the further energy able to saving the longer lasting LED lighting which used in the fridge compartments.

The new series is also fitted with Nano Titanium filter that can eliminates 90% of bacteria and prevent odour from permeating the whole unit. It has an additonal mode that suitable for all household which feature able to keep food fresh longer. Fan Cooling system got advance mode with minus zero cooling panel. The temperature at -0°C and it’s cold as ice and remain uniform thoughout the fridge.

The technology aside with the series has incorporated new and also improved a new deatures. The new improvement have convertible compartment and offer the option of switching the position. Chiller or vegetable mode also adding into these series. Most of top Refrigerator usually have freezy but for these series able to keep cool beverage rapidly and keep meat and fish fresh with temperature of -1°C which it is suitable to keep and store dairy products.

For the vegetable mode that have compartment at the lower position is excellent place to place your vegetable especially for easily damaged vegetable and fruits which have large enough space for you to arrange your fresh item according to size. The new and improved refrigerator from Hitachi also offer 10% increase in capacity for convenience.

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