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Napping or Spooking?

BELOW you will see a great tips for napping or spooking for your horses

Sppking is when your horse is genuinely scared by something such as a noise an object or a sudden movement. He may react by leaping, refusing to go forward, planting his feet, spinning round or running away.

NApping horses will be reluctant to move forward for no apparent reason and may plant their feet or spin. Horses like this can also be more spooky hence the confusion between napping or spooking.

You can tellt he difference between a genuine spook and evasive napping by looking at your horse’s ears. If he’s spooking his ears will be pointing forward att he scary object, tellingy ou he’s genuinely scared. Be sympathetic with him and reassure him. If he’s napping he will have his ears pointing backward and you will need to ride assertively.

Hacking out with friends or on your own and discovering the beautiful countryside in your area has to be one of the countryside in your area has to be one of the greatest pleasures of owning a horse. But if your horse become unsettled, it can become a nightmare. HAving ah orse who spooks or naps cant urn what should be a pleasure into ordeal. For the good news is that with a few techniques you can learn to overcome these common problems and begin to enjoy hacking out again.

Do you best to overcome his fear: Why do horses spook? how do you cope with a spooking horse and how can you help him to overcome his fears? Spooky horses are generally oversensitive and canl ack trust in their environment and in you. They are not normally forward thinking. If they come across something they’re unsure of, their first instinct is for flight rather than to listent o your aids to move forward.

If you find yourself in this situation and your horse spooks, it’s important to do as little as possible. It enough to stop him from spinning or running. If he does try to turn then use one rein to keep his head facing the object but when he is facing the object leave him alone. It must be his decision to stop moving and face the object not because you are holding him there. If you tense up and grab hold of the reins or start kicking him int he ribs, you will only add to his hightly adrenalised statea nd make him more panicked.

Once your horse has settled a bit and started to lower his head while facing the object, ask for step forward. This may make him nervous, but it is important that once you have asked tor forward momemtum you get it. Otherwise he will learn to ignore your leg and will plant or spin whenever he gets worried or unsure.

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