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Muscle up your plate tips Part 1

Below you will see useful tips and trick to muscle up your plate

You may heard the term of superfood lately but what does it mean to you? Everything from elevating frowth hormones to shrinking the size of your fat cells, each of these foods possess a biochemical compound that can take your workout efforts on the healthiest shortcut ever. Choose a few or combine them all into your busy day with these simple and quick recipes.

Below you will see a powerfull food that can boost your muscle

1. Green Tea: Sip up to burn more calories and lose belly fat and aid muscle repair. Studies have shown that drinking at least three cups a day can help burn 80 more calories. Mighty antioxidants called polyphenols.

2. Greek Yoghurt: Get more muscle building protein and few fat promoting carbs than in regular yoghurt. Creamier yoghurt contain casein. A slow digesting protein that will keep hunger at bay for a longer period of time. Yoghurt contain a vareity of beneficial bacteria known as active cultures. HAving more of this type of bacteria in the intestines is linked to improved immune function. Yoghurt also improved digestion and less bloat.

3. Apple: Get stronger an dlose more fat by eating juse one apply a day. Actually you will get triple the body benefit from fibre, antioxidants and flavonoids. Fibre will keep digestion thrumming alongm and antioxidnat can help make you stronger and leaner. A study conducted on rats found that those who were fed apple polyphenols demonstrated nearly 10% more muscle strength but had lost 30 per cent less fat than the control group. Flavonoids can prevent inflammation and overproduction of fat in your liver cells.

4. Blueberries: Great for post workou recovery and your waistline. Some research found that 25 type of fruit like blueberries have the most powerful antioxidants and are best able to fight free radicals. Antioxidants help protect everything from muscle tissue to the tiny capillaries that feed it.

5. Walnuts: Walnuts is unlike much lauded almonds. Walnuts contain more heart healthy omega 3s. Do not afraid of the slight increase in fat between the two. Aside from lowering your cholesterol eating more healthy fats can keep you lean because it preferentially burned for fuel instead of being stored as fat. When you chest meal contains more saturated fat than you intended. The walnut can help prevent it from sticking to your arterial walls.

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