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Morning Wakefulness Tips

Below you will see a great tips for your morning

Though problem for your morning waking is anxiety or low mood. This is a particular problem for people who have busy demanding lives or tendency to worry or both.

Rule out health problem: These may include issues such as food or environmental allergies, oesophageal reflux which often triggered by large meals, spice foods, alcohol or coffee. A weak pelvic floor that causing the need to go to the toilet, or issues such as restless legs, hot flushes or joint pain.

Install dark curtains or shutters: Darkness signals your brain to suppress chemicals that cause alertness and to release chemicals that promote rest and relaxation. These chemicals also lower your body temperature, which contributes to drowsiness. They can be upsets by any lights in your room even from digital alarms so ensure your bedroom is light free.

What your sleep position: If you fall asleep curled, this flexed position puts pressure on the back wall of the discs in the lumbar spine and may lead you to wake with pain later in the morning.

Drink Cherry Juice: From the research found that cherry juice naturally raises level of melatonin which is one of the majoy hormones that help induce sleep. In people with isomnia research has shown that cherry juice fosters faster sleep onset better sleep quality and lengthier duration of sleep. The research found imporvement when peopl drank 30ml of concentrated montmorency cherry juice half and hour after waking and half an hour before sleeping.

Take Magnesium: This inportant mineral is a nature muscle relaxant and studies suggest it may be a wonder supplement for sleep. Research shows that it can help improve sleep time, reduce early morning waking and support faster sleep onset too.

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