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Modern minimalist living ideas

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Modern minimalist living ideas

Open plant which it isevery bit a family home. The kitchen is the heart of the home which the kitchen is the most important in the hourse because it is a place to cook food for everyone which you will spend the majority of time there. You can build in table that is used not only for meals but also as a homework and arts and craft spot for your children. In this way youwill be able to keep you eye on them while you prepare food.

The kitchen is also integrated into the living area for many home owner where it shared a stylish and trendy double fireplace with the TV room and also open out onto the entertainment area outside.

Modern airy with open plant home is a very good idea if you can do it where the interior would flow seamlessly to the exterior entertainment area. For this reason you will added glass stacking doors to downstair area. The modest of your stylish home with a muted white brown and grey palette that effortlessly combines hard element such as concrete, glass, wooden and mental without makeing the home seem harsh and uninviting. If you want you home to be clutter free with minimal furniture and decor whihc you have to use of large window throughout the house and it will provided lots of natural light that make your home become bright, calming and inviting.

“The dream house was brought to life by using healthy mix of steel, brick and concrete”



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