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Updated Mineral Tiles Coupon Code Lists

Mineral Tiles
1. Coupon: AFF5OFF: Save 3% Off on all order (NEW) (HOT)
2. Active: Save 40% Off on Ocean Glass Tiles (NEW)

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How to select Rugs

When we talk about carpet or rug many people may think about Aladdin in the movie but did you know that rugs or carpet that many people may face problem with dust or make your room become more dirty can make your room look more attractive and does not require much work to make your room more attract.

Living room without carpet may make you feel not warm. If your room made from hardwood and decorated by neutral colors, you should put carpet to the center of the room and drag them around a small table set up. It is very east to create a home that have a virtual paradise and make your room look more natural.

How important of your carpet size?

For the most favorite place that many people put their carpet in their house is living room under coffee table and make in front of the couch and held out a little. This is only idea for you or you can design it by yourself which depend on your idea.

For about the size of your carpet. First of all your should check your carpet that is large enough to fit all four legs of your table or not. For size that widely used is 4 x 6, 6 x 9, or carpet that is equal to the width of the mattress. The reason that why many people select large rug is because it can accommodate the feet of soft chairs and a table with patterned rug out from under the furniture and make it more pleasant experience.

If you have a large living room size you must consider placing rugs more than one point. Small rugs can be used to decorate the front of the door. All carpet carpet that you select should have a wire color scheme or similar in order to linked to the overall home decoration.

Types of Rugs

In order to select carpet or rugs to match your house you should select color pattern carefully. Dressing the walls and window for your house wall with bright colors or you may want your carpet with the same color of your wall. On the other hand if your walls and decorated have soft colors you must select unique rugs in order to focal point of interest point of your room. Not only pattern or color of your carpet that important but you also need to consider types of lighting in your room such as light quality of the incandescent lamp or bulb because it can affect the color of your carpet. It is very necessary to note that the type of light color in your room and color of your carpet is the same or not. You should try a rug with a good light. Otherwise, it may be disappointing your later.

Benefit of Natural Rugs

Benefit of Natural RugsThere are a lot of benefit from using Natural Rugs which can help you onset of winter which many of you may have problem with the temperature of the floor. Natural Rugs may be of the best choice for you to select to solve temperature in winter season. Carpet or Rugs is a floor covering material that can make your feel elegant and these qualified in the use if different surface types. Natural Rug will feel gentle touch and can make you will safe from slip on the floor because Carpet can reduce the impact force when you slip on the floor. There are some disadvantage when you use Carpet because Carpet is made from woven fiber types which can be classified in the several types which the disadvantage from using Carpet is it will keep all dust and can make you become allergy.

Bamboo Flooring – 5 Things To Do and Not To Do

Bamboo Flooring is a beautiful environmentally friendly material that able to enhance the look and add more value of your home but it needs to deal with a properly in order to ensure many years of use. So here are five things that you should do and five things that you should avoid with your bamboo flooring in order to keep it looking beautiful.

1. Make sure that your sub floor is dry and level never begin flooring installation until the bases ready and make sure that you have all of your supplies together before beginning installation

2. allow your bamboo plans to expand or contract naturally before installation.

3. Order up to 10% more square footage than your measurements indicate there will be some waste during the installation process so it is better to have a little bit too much than little bit too little.

4. Use dry brooms through and slightly damp mop to clean your bamboo flooring clean it regularly to keep it free from particles that can scratch the surface that use only cleaners made specifically for hardwood floors

5. Use runners bats and furniture pads too prevent scratches and keep your bamboo flooring clean. Requested that guests wipe or even remove their shoes before stepping onto your bamboo floor especially if they’re wearing shoes with a potentially damaging heels and never ever scoot your furniture across your bamboo flooring without pad beneath on your feet.

5 Things that you should Not Do to Your Bamboo Flooring

1. Never get your bamboo floor too wet this can cause serious long term

2. Never clean your bamboo with abrasive material although bamboo makes for a reasonably strong material it will retain its beauty better treated gently with cleaners made specifically for hardwood floors

3. Never install bamboo in very damp area. Bamboo is best for drive parts of your home installation in areas of extreme moisture. Bathroom may not be good stttings for bamboo flooring and certainly not summer.

4. Never expose Bamboo floor to prolonged period of intense light because the bamboo too fade use curtains and blinds to limit the amount of direct sunlight which are flooring is exposed.

5. Never walk on your bamboo flooring with high heels which these way will scratch the bamboo so take your shoes off at the door when entering the room in order to avoid the damage of bamboo flooring. You should look at your bamboo flooring as an investment that you invest with the value of your home.

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