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Micro Workout Tips and Tricks

Below you will see a few tips for Micro Workout

If you have eased into the year hedging your bets and hovering at the edges, now’s it time to lose the timid factor. This is about backing yourself and trusting that you now know yourself and trusting that you now know enough to apply your knowledge to designing your own super efficient micro workout. Fits seamlessly into your day. To ensure that your workou is both safe and effective. There is no point capriciously whacking a few sit ups onto the end of suits. There are training wheels. Created a modular template so yo ucan effectively drag and drop the moves that meeth your goals and time frame to come up with your own tailor made workout. Because analysis paralysis is the second way your brain will try to worm out of doing something it is not sure it can. You have included a reference guide to the basics without unnecessary clutter.

Tricks for Micro Workout

1. Plan ahead
2. Schedual your workout
3. Organise your workout
3. Create your personal program and mix it up

Do the exercise but change the order each week and increase the intensity or reps as you grow stronger and more confident with technique.

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