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Updated Metlife Defender Coupon Code Lists

Metlife Defender

1. MetLife Defender 30-Day Free Trial

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

If your wallet have been stolen or you lose your wallet you could be at a risk situation for identity theft and you may get questionable charges on one of your credit cards. Moreover not all cases of identity theft affect tax records, its still an issue that you should serious. These is a frustrating and take time consuming process for victims and these is why you should find some Identity Protection services because best defense is the best offensive.

Below you will see some strategies about protection your identity

Be sure to protect your personal information for example your social security card by put it in a safe place instead of your wallet or pocket for the case of your wallet get lost or stolen. When you use internet you should be very careful about sharing your personal information such as twitter, facebook, instagram and other social and also be careful with your paper documents as well. Be sure that you shred them before you throwing your document in the trash because it will open an opportunity for your thief that searching for victim like you. Another important thing, you should check your financial account regularly for any unusual activity that may occur. For the last suggestion you must make sure that you have store your financial document in a safe location.

You never know that someday you will become a victim of identity thief and no one can stop identity theft. The best thing that you can control is protect it before it happening to you or someone in your family. Most of Identity Theft Protection services are offer in the business nowadays and they offer wallet protection and $1 million identity theft insurance so take your time and take a look some of identity protection services website before it too late.

Danger of Identity Theft

Ever tried searching any person name and it appears in the search engine and it appears that they are there in the search? Some people can be very easily track because they use their real names but some are not that easy but even that, we can still use the email addresses of those people in the search and still, we can see the activities for those people whether what they buy, what are their phone numbers, the activities they have been doing, the social network that they are into and the people that they are talking to. It is fun to watch and learn how people use the internet, but on the other hands, it is not that fun if such activities are in the form of threat and bad intentions to the owner of the information. Now, there are various ways that our identity can be stolen from the internet and we have concluded them as followed:

The internet users usually leave traces to track down such as phone number, addresses, real names, and this can usually be found in the social network. Also, when logging into any social network on the public computer, some users neglect to logout the account and so another person comes using it might be able to access the personal information.

The application on the smartphone is the major leak point of the personal information and some of the apps require the person to enter personal information. When the operator’s or app developers don’t have enough security on their back end, the information can be leaked very easily

Cell phone or smartphone that are being brought for maintenance withholding personal information that we might have forgot to delete or protect

What Can They Do After Retrieving the Info

There are so many possibility for the thieve to do with the information retrieved from the specific identity, they can use those information to apply for credit card, for loans, and to use the online services that don’t have enough security on the verifications. They can use the personal account to make contact with friends, family, and can lead to many fraud transactions.

What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?

On the smartphone, always use password protected to lock the screen, at least, the thieves having it won’t be able to access the personal information

Use antiviruses on the computer that you’re using and don’t access the untrustful website

Use public wi-fi only when necessary, don’t use public wi-fi on online financial transactions

Don’t give out personal information, especially social security numbers, phone numbers, home address to people whom you don’t trust and never have heard before

The photocopied of the driver licenses, id card, student id, and others should be destroyed every time they’re no longer necessary to use in any transactions.

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