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Measuring your Toxic Burden

Mesure your toxic burden

When undertaking a detox what toxics are you actually detoxing from? The ability to identify the toxins in your body burden would be helpful for successful detox. With that knowledge your cleansing protocal can be tailored to deal with those specific toxin and the particular body systems, organs and detoxification processes it is involved. This knowledge can inform diet and supplementation for general wellbeing. However, accurately measuring an individual’s toxic burden is currently am imprecise and expensive process. In its inherent intelligence the body shunts toxins out of the blood and into different body tissues. Many toxins are fat soluble so are not to identifiable in wanter based samples of blood, saliva, urine and sweat. Toxins are sequestered and stored in different tissues. To get a true analysis of the whole body you would need to take numerous samples for example body fat, blood, saliva, sweat, stool, hair, breath, bone, kidney, liver, brain and many more. There is a strong suggestion that stored toxins are best not disturbed at all or only if and when the system is capables of safely detoxifying excreting and eliminating them. Tests the blood for the effects the toxins cause in the body. The body’s immune reponses to identify environmental toxins. Type of testing and is revealing the plausible link between autoimmune disorder and toxic body burdens. This is definitely an exciting space to watch. As this testing become more accessible it will help us better tailor detoxification regimens, particularly for extremely sensitive peope and thos suffering from autoimmune dysfunction.

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