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Mats Versus Rugs

What’s the different between Rugs and Mats

Bath Mats

Although both mats and rugs is look very similar but when it use in a different way and purposes in the bathroom. Bathroom rug is designed to be placed in the dry area of your bathroom while mats are specifically designed to be placed in the we area.

Today we gonna show a tips to choose bath mats and rugs for your bathroom

In generally when you select bath rug or mats which it depends on the amount of people in your family that using the bathroom. For a longer lasting mat usually use in a bigger household and you may want to consider to get a rubber one instead of cotton which it usually get mouldy faster and constantly wet.

Shapes, Sizes and Color

Let’s start with color, select dark color for bath mat instead of bright one is a good choice because it can hide a dirt in your bathroom. Optimise the use of rug you need to have one in the right size and shape. LEt start with example, if you have a large bathroom you can go for a generous rectangular mat but if your space is limitation then you will need more precise when picking a area rug or mat. Please becarefully for a measurement of the area that you want to cover before order online from store. In your bathroom, you don’t have to have too big rug because it’s danger of tripping over excess material.

Let’s research and get some inspired

Purchasing Mats and Rug can be exciting. Mats and Rugs are not only useful but they can create a new look of your bathroom. Mats and Rugs also help you to know which types of mat or rug that suitable for your bathroom. For the inspiration by viewing the photographs of bathroom that available via internet and you will the ideas and able to decide on the style that suits your taste.

What’s type of mats or rugs that suitable for bathroom?
What's type of mats or rugs that suitable for bathroom

  • Chenille Rugs – These types of rugs are made from polypropylene and they have less susceptible to dampness because of constant exposure to water.
  • Cotton bath rugs and mats – This is the best choice and known for their durability and advantage of water absorption. Cotton bath mats or rugs look like all other that they will wear out due to use and can moldy without proper washing and drying. So it’s mean that it very hard to clean and takecare.
  • Rubber Bath Mats – These are placed in bath tubs in order to prevent slipping. These types of mats are recommended for every household for old people and young children.
  • Non Slip Plastic Mat or Rubber Backed Rug – These types of Mat and Rug have amazing material which have resistant shower mats and rugs.

Tips: Essential Oil for Bathroom

Everyone don’t want unwanted smell in your bathroom right? Essential oil or scent diffusers and scented candles can help you prevent unwanted smell issue. Bathroom is a place where you keep your towels which it can absorb odor very easy. Essential or Aroma diffusers can significantly reduce the smell of moisture and mould in the air. Please note that you muse be carefully when using them becuase it is a material that easily catch fire so place them away from fire.

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