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Master the chin up

The chin up tip and trick

Chin up some will love it and some hate it but no one can argue that it is the king of the bodyweight exercise. There ia also a good reason that the chin up bar at your gym has a covering of dust and it is a seriously tough exercise. It doen not matter how much you can bench, you still may not able to perform a chin up. the good news is everyone can work their way up to performing chin-ups. It will take some hard work, but it will be worth it. In order to start your journey to completing a set of chin ups you need to start chinning. It’s look like kicking a ball to get better a it you have to do it preferable as often as possible. First, let’s seek some clarity. For the sake of this article a chin up a vertical bodyweight exercise where the aim is to get your chin up and over the bar, regardless of whether the grip is neutral palms facing each other. Supinated plams facing away from you. For those of you who can not yet perform chin ups dop not despair there are many technques that can get you to the chin bar. Where to start if you can not yet complete a full chin up with any grip, you need to start with some accessory exercise.

The Horizontal Pull Up

This exercise is your bread and butter in building up the strength to chin up. You have to set up a barbell or the bar on a smith Machine with hip height. Lying underneath with your body straight and pull your chest up to the bar. Once you can complete 3-5 sets of 10 reps place your feet on a bench or box to increase the degree of dificulty. This will help develop your arm and upper back pulling strength.

The Negative Chin Up

Set yourself up at a chin up bar and using a chair or bench to get yourself into ap osition at the top of a chin repetition. Supporting all of your own body weight then slowly lower yourself down on the count of 5 seconds. Once the 5 seconds have passed then jump up to the top position and repeat. Build up to 3 – 5 stes of then, and be aware that this exercise can make your lats super sore.

The Lat Pull Down

Treat this exercise with caution. The previous two exercise mentioned have a much better transference to actual chin ups. The lat pull down machine is always busy, it because of it is easy and is the best best way to weight is displaced via help as it mimics a similar movement to the chin up and uses the same muscles but make sure that you treat it as the accessory exercise that it is. Once you get to the point where you can perform at least one chin up, then it is time to getting chinning. Countinue to perform your horizontal pull ups as an accessory exercise but make chinning a focus three days a week.

Mix Up your Grips

One day you can perform approximatly 3-5 sets of supinated grip, the next training session use a neutral grip and the next time a pronated grip by using different grips stimulates the muscles slightly differently and therefore promotes growth and adaptation. It is likely that you will find athe supinated grip and neutral gripand neutral grip slightly easier than the pronated grip.

Keep using negative reps

If you can only perform a couple of repetitions start your set by doing as many as you can and take the number up to 10 reps by including negative for the leftover reps. The eccentric contraction performed as you lower yourself in a negative creates a high level of adaptation and therefore gains in strength.

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