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Updated Mantis Coupon Code Lists


1. Coupon: GO4GARDEN: Save 10% Off on All Tillers + Free Shipping (NEW)
2. Coupon: new2017: Save 4% Off on all order + Free Shipping

3. Promotion: Save $20 Off on Classic 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator (No Code Needed)
4. Coupon: 44176200: Free Postage when order Mantis Shredder (NEW)
5. The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator Tills Tough Soil, Power Weeds, Digs Holes Starting at $399
6. The Mantis Garden Tiller Free Shipping
8. Mantis Two-Bin Composter 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee
9. Active: Free Shipping on all order (NEW)
10. Coupon: 121188: Save $100 Off on Mantis Tiller
12. Key Code: 121187: Save $40 Off Plus Free Shipping
13. Key Code: 1299601: Save $10 Off on all order of $100
14. Promotion: 50% Off Mantis Original Tiller/Cultivator 2-Cycle Limited Time Offer
15. Active: Free Tiller Info Package, DVD
16. Active: Free Good Soil Booklet
17. Active: Free Border Edger, Kickstand
18. Active: Free Kickstand, No Spill Gas Can

(Some Discount will active during add to cart process)


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Mantis Tillers Attaching the Plow


Tips to select Tiller

No matter you to dig turf or soil for prepare planting you have to select a tiller in order to save your time. There are two different generation of tiller which are tiller that have blade at the front and tiller that have blade at the back. For tiller that have blade at the front are design for soil and garden that hard to dig because these types of soil need tiller that have high power to deal with it. The wheels for front blade are high and can make tiller rotates clockwise plus hit the ground very efficiently. Tiller that have blade at the front are suitable for use in a small areas such as preparing flower or garden.

Thing that you should know before purchase tiller

– If you want to planting in a large area you should use tiller that have blade at the back because blade at the back will rotating by clockwise.
– If your garden have trees or have a small plots several point you have have machine that clamping ring or one with wheels for mobility.
– For flexibility and control your choose select tiller that have reverse gear for your comfortable.
– If you want to run quiet and environmentally friendly you should select a good brand name of tiller in order to solve battery problem that may happen in the future.
– Weight are also important which you should concern about tiller weight before you purchase it. Because weight may become a big problem when you use your tiller for to finish your job and may your back pain if your tiller wight is heavy.

Nowadays, there are a lot of Tiller company that produce quality tiller for you to shop which most of modern tiller are easy to use with no fuss, no mess, no fuel mixing, powerful and quiet in the classic design. When you design to buy some Tiller to planting your garden you should concern more about their warranty because when your tiller are broke down or have to fix, its will cost you a lot so warranty are also important before purchase tiller

About Mantis.com

Mantis.com is a website that you can find and order Garden Tools and Garden Accessories at lowest price. When you visit Mantis.com you will find their Garden Tools and Garden Accessories that separate into many categories for you to shop such as Mantis Composting, Compost Twin, Accessories, Two Bin Composting, Composter, Tillers, Mantis Tillers, Mantis Deluxe 9 Tiller 2 Cycle, Mantis 9 Tiller 4 Cycle, Tiller Attachments, Tiller Projects, Tiller Parts and Services, Tiller Accessories and much more. At Mantis.com you will find many useful information for example Gardening Tips, Soil Preparation, Gardening Benefits, Create a Garden, Keep Your Garden Healthy, Maximize Your Garden, Gardening with Kids, Rain Gardening, Raised Bed Gardening, Small Space Gardening, Win Over Weeds, Removing Thatch from Lawns, Lawn Areation and many more. At Mantis.com you can also enjoy receive Free Shipping on all order within 48 States US only. Not only providing free shipping on all order but Mantis.com also giving away Mantis Coupon for you which you can save more money by apply Mantis Coupon or Mantis Key Code during your checkout process which current Mantis Coupon offer Free Border Edger, Kickstand, No Spill Gas Can, Maintenance Kit plus Free Shipping. If you have any problem or question about Mantis Products or Delivery Services which you can contact their customer support directly at 1-800-366-6268.

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