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Manage Relationship with your Children

Create Relationship with your baby in each age range

During first year parent and babysitter must understand the need or want of baby and able to respond their need and want properly by using love, warm, understanding, and care. First year of your baby parent and babysitter must take care your baby closely and if parent and babysitter lack of relationship with baby such as lack of love, lack of warm and do not understanding your baby which these will occur  directly on your baby mind and it will be a big problem for you when your baby grow up.

Parent and Babysitter must treat your baby with love and understanding in every age range because in every step of growing will have connection so Babysitter and Parent should understand that in each age range of your baby will change such as emotion, thinking, speaking, action and many more. If you ask why you have to understand these and the answer is to respond your baby need and want plus able to take care your baby in a suitable way in each age range and these will build a good relationship with your baby directly.

Parent and Babysitter should speak politely with your baby and do not use emotion when you teach your baby because it is a tools to create a good relationship with your baby and make your baby feel bind and familiar with parent and babysitter. If parent or babysitter speak with a bad word and using emotion when teaching your baby it will create unfamiliar feeling, bad feeling with your baby and the result that happen from the family that using emotion with their children is your children will not listen to parent or babysitter when they grow up and they will leave you alone when you get old.

When your children enter school

In these age range it is the first time that your children meet their friend and relation in your family should be the same but you should spend your time after dinner to talk with your children, teach home work and talk with your children about the thing that happen in your children’s school which these will create a good relationship with your children and many your children feel that you care them.


In teenage range your children must spend their time in school and activity in family will decrease which parent should not ignore to take care your children even your children become a teenage because in teenage range is a danger age because your children will trust their friend more than their parent and babysitter so the best thing that you can do to maintain your good relation with your children by become your children’s friend more than father, mother or even babysitter. Parent and babysitter should spend your time to talk with your children and listen to their problem in each day. Parent and Babysitter should be an adviser for your children because you will find your children problem and able to fix it as fast as possible. If parent and babysitter ignore your children in these age range it will make your children walk in a wrong way and will do a bad thing like their friend do because your children will trust their friend more than their family.

The best thing that parent or babysitter should do is to create a good relationship by spend your time in one day more than or equal to 10 minutes to speak with your children or let your children talk about their daily activity and the thing that they met today or anything that children would like to tell you.

If your children do something wrong you should not punish your children like hit, abuse, violence and etc but parent should talk and why your children do like these and you must tell the result and effect from the thing that your children make a mistake with a reason in order to make your children understand that the thing that your children do is wrong and must not do like these again.

Parent and Babysitter should make your baby think that you are the best of your baby and build a good relationship with your children in order to make your children trust and brave to tell you everything that happen to them which parent and babysitter will know every problem that occur with your children and able to fix each problem before it too late.

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