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Make Over your hair with Bobby Pins

Below you will see a trick and tips for pin your hairs with Bobby pins


On the Side: A stack of long colored bobby pins that adds sophistication to a basic pony and do not pin back the bangs too severely or too closeto your part.

Pin it: Long the unsung hero of hairstyling, the bobby pin has gone from functional to fabulous. These easy looks will be your new manestays.

Band Together: First gathered the hair into a low pony tail. For the dramatic graphic band that use 4 to 5 long matched bobby pins per section then sliding one in right next to the other and leaving a little space between each section.

Cross Hairs: Create his bedecked braid by gathered three large sections of hair, one on each side and one in the cneter. Then wove them loosely, securing the bottom with two bobby pins. Last by slid pairs of bobby pins through each wideswath of braided hair to add hold finishing with hair spray.


Sticking Points: Not all bobby pins are created eqaly. In fact they are not even all classified as bobby pins. Here is what is what.

  1. Hairpins: These wide mouthed clips grab a lot of hair which is why they are used to anchor bulky style like chignon and French twists to the scalp.
  2. Regular Bobby Pins: Traditional bobby pins offer the most hold to avoid ripping out hair during removal, slide them out following the curve of your hear.
  3. Jombo Bobby Pin: When you have a lot of ground to cover for example creating an ornate pattern on long thick hair with these are your weapons of choice.
  4. Mini Bobby Pins: Slip these cute colored clips into the upper layers of short hair and they don’t hold much but what they lack in grip they make up for in style.

V Formation Pin: This chic pattern work on hair of any texture. First gathered dry hair into a low, loose bun then scrunched a golf ball size amount of mousse through the hair then give the pins something to grip onto. Next is slid the pins in, two at a time.


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