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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Hibiscus Tea

Recent studies Show hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure

It effectively as some standard hypertension drugs.  Hibiscus is widely consumed around the world as a ruby colored, lemony beverage. It’s the main ingredient in Red Zinger Tea. Hibiscus is safe and unlike most blood pressure drugs, rarely causes side effect. Plus Hibiscus plants can be grown in much of the United States. So you can actually grow your own blood pressure medicine. Hibiscus has beed used to treat high blood pressure in both African and Asian traditional medicine.

How does Hibiscus lower blood pressure?

Recent from the research suggests a combination of reason. It has diuretic properties which it opens the arteries and it appears to act as a natural angiotensin converting enzyme. Inhibitor which means it slows the release of hormones that constrict blood vessels. In additional Hibiscus boosts immune function and provides valuable antioxidants. Dose recommendations vary from about 1 teaspoon of dried flowers. Steep for 5 up to 10 mintures. If you have high blood pressure you should own a home blood pressure monitor. Take reading before different doses and retest an hour later to see what works best for you. Check with your doctor prior to taking Hibiscus if you are current on medication to lower blood pressure. Often a combination of an herb and lower dose of a pharmaceutical provide the same benefit.


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