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Love without Borders for your kids

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You may know that love is the number one prerequisite for children’s happiness but it has to be unconditional. Kids make mistake and repeat them because they act on impulse. When you need to reprimand them. It’s critical that you don’t make them feel your love depends on ho well that they behave or how they perform at their school. Below you will see 3 point for love without border.

Choose to parent from love but not anger. Tell them that what they did or said disappointed or upset you because you love them so much.

Never withhold love because you have to think of love more as an action than a feeling. One that need daily practice, then it’s easier to act with love no matter how angry or frustrated you feel.

Lighten up. Did you never do the wrong thing as a child? Asking yourself that have you made mistakes as a parent? Were you own parents less than perfect? Then forgive all of you that including you and especially your child.

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