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Love Candies? Think Twice When You See These

Love Candies? Think Twice When You See These

People love candies, especially children, it can be said that candies are the international food that are available in all countries.  There are no places that forbid to sell candies, candies can be sold to everyone regardless of ages and we are quite certain that there are hundreds of thousands candies as snacks and it seems to us that every candy’s manufacturers are trying to produce their candies to look as lovely as yummy as much as possible, however, not for these 10 brands of candies that might make you throw up and stop eating candies for the rest of your life

Ear Wax Candy – Just like the name, do you believe that some people eat their ear wax!  Well, but this type of candies are not made from ear wax but it is the regular candies in the ear-shaped container picking up the candies from the hole just like eating ear wax!  This is the first grossing candy that you should know

Candy Scrabs – the bandage candies which is such a good idea and considered a new way of eating candies.  We can just tear out the bandage candies and stick it to the arm or the place just like covering the wound and pull it out and start licking!

Dubbel Zout – from bad candy website, it is actually the candies but it has been made to look like drugs

Hotlix Candy – The dangerous looking type of candies where you can see the scorpion or worms inside the candies.  It used to be talk of the town candies because it is so much different from the rest of the others.

Gorilla boogers – It has been made to look like the gorilla nose wax.  This type of candies are from Japan.  The logic behind this is the children in Japan might love gorilla, and they are pleased to have gorilla dolls or gorilla statue, but when it comes to gorilla boogie, they have think twice!

Ant Candy –It is the type of candies that work just like the hotlix one, but instead of scorpion or worms, they are ants

Tuna Candies – Yes, it taste like tuna fishes, and yes, it has been made from the real tuna!

Crick-Ettes – Of course it is the real but dead crickets that has been coated with sour cream and onion.  It is not actually the candies, but it is good know that it used to be existed!

Durian Candy –  Many of us used to travel to the Asian country, namely, Thailand where there are rich amount of Durian during the summer time.  The taste of durian is great but the smell is bad and some hotels don’t allow this type of fruit in the hotel.  Someone has a sense of humor making the durian as candies!

Beanboozled: Jelly bean – If you saw harry potter in the first episode, Ron and harry was eating the candies where they turned to something funny after chewing it and we believe that the candies in the movie was being inspired by Beanboozled.  Each candies has its own taste such as the used tissue paper, rotten eggs, rotten cheese, and more!

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