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Love and Understanding your baby

Hinge or Principles to take care your baby which parent and babysitter should understand and love your baby by starting with understanding your baby’s need and your baby’s development which will change when your baby grow up. Baby want to be a special person for their parent and babysitter so parent and babysitter must understand this point by give hug, kiss on your baby’s face, gentle touch, speak gently and much more which these action will express your love to your baby.

Important thing is parent and babysitter should understand the development of your baby in each age range which each steps of your baby development will show ability and skills of your baby which in each baby will show the different ability and skills.

Baby in each age range will have anxiety that occur from different cause

Baby may afraid stranger and have a feeling that they do not want to change their place. To understand the development of your baby in each age range will decrease your anxiety to take care of your children and able to respond your baby behavior in a suitable way such you baby may tell lie which come from your baby imagination and when you baby grow up your baby may tell lie which come from intention. Parent and babysitter should give love and take care baby when your baby was young during baby can not talk and when baby feel stress or feel not so good, baby want someone to stay with them and take comfort plus encouragement.

Babysitter and parent must observed your baby in every single thing that may happen with your baby and encouragement your baby to reduce your baby’s stress. When baby’s grow up and have trouble or something in their heart your baby will tell your everything but if you do not give love and understanding your baby when your baby was young which these will make a big trouble when you baby grow up such as your baby will not tell their problem or something that in your baby heart to you and they will lie if you ask something.

Parent and Babysitter should by the first and second person that understand and give love to your baby because every baby want their parent and someone that close to your baby to understand them and you must show and make your baby understand that you love them.

When your baby do something wrong, parent and babysitter should manage emotion first before teach or solve your baby problem and when you teach your baby you must understand the problem first and do not use any emotion to teach your baby. If parent and babysitter do not understand and punish your baby which it is not a way to teach your baby because you are not understand the real problem and if you punish your baby without any reason will make your baby do not understand and will result a big problem such as your baby will not listen to you when they grow up.

The thing that you should do is to take your baby and make your baby feel that parent and babysitter is friendly and make your baby trust so your baby will have confident to tell everything to you. Sympathetic is important because it will help your baby fell that their parent and babysitter understand them and ready to listen to their problem.

In our generation technology is not like in the past such as computer, tablet, iPhone, PSP, and many more which babysitter and parent should not pay attention on the movement of the new technology because your baby will play game more than learn and if your let them play you must limited time when your baby play. When your baby become teenage understanding and love your baby is important to your baby’s mind even express your love is less than when your baby was young but you can express your love and understanding by speaking and talk with your children.

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