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Living wall idea for home decoration

Green wall ideal solution for your place

Living wall idea for home decoration

A vertical garden also know as living wall or green walls that offer a host of benefits that they allow you to introduce plant life into a msall space such as balconies which they can reduce the ambient temperature in their immediate surrounds, which clear the air and they encourage biodiversity.

The vegetation is grown in specially designed systems that are supported vertically creating exciting new possibilities for landscape, urban and interior design. The vertical garden provides a means of greening difficult place where a homeowner may think that they can not have a garden. If you can not grown a ground level garden then we can take your garden up your walls or fence lines be having the ability to grown a vertical garden that can increase available planting area.

Using a specialised lightweight growing media automated direct irrigation methods and palette of species specifically selected to be hardy, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing. You can design and install a custom made vertical garden or it can supply an easy to use DIY system.

Some system of growing provide hydroponic which it require only very small amounts of the natural growing. A specialised organic fiber growing is very slimline so it does not take up valuable space in small side pathways or courtyard areas. It is also very simply and easy to change plant over if required.

For ease of care install inline liquid fertigation units into each vertical garden which these make the garden fully automated with very little to do to maintain the garden. A brief prune every few weeks and top up of fertiliser as required is about as streeful as it gets.


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