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Life Checks Coupon Lists

Life ChecksUpdated Life Checks Coupon Lists

1. Coupon: WD3V: Save 30% Off SecureMyID Products (NEW)
2. Coupon: 76MK: Save 30% Off on Accessories
3. Coupon: HH9G: 2 Boxes for the Price of 1
4. Coupon: 5Y5P: Save 20 Off 4 Boxes, Plus Free Shipping & Handling
5. Coupon: RV6Y: Save $10 Off 2 Boxes, Plus Free Shipping & Handling
6. Coupon: PKDB: Save $2 Off on 1 Box
7. Coupon: CF83: Save $2 Off on all order
8. Coupon: T8VF: 2nd Box Only $0.49, Free 4th Box, Free Lettering, Free Shipping

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Life Checks Pricing

Below you will see a clear table for personal checks pricing which you can use it to compare with other online checks store

Personal Checks
Special Introductory Offer1 Box2 Boxes4 Boxes
Single Checks$9.95$10.44$30.34
Duplicate Checks$12.95$13.44$39.34
Single Checks - Photo Checks$18.95$19.44$57.34
Duplicate Checks - Photo Checks$19.95$20.44$60.34
Standard Prices1 Box2 Boxes4 Boxes
Single Checks$17.95$35.90$51.80
Duplicate Checks$21.95$35.90$65.80
Single Checks - Photo Checks$19.95$34.90$64.80
Duplicate Checks - Photo Checks$21.95$38.90$72.80

About is a website that providing a variety of checks design and unique checks style that you can not find anywhere else at lowest price. When you visit you will find their checks that separate into many categories for example Personal Checks, Labels, Inspiration Cards, Checkbook Covers, Checkbook, Accessories, Business Checks and many more for you to shop. At website they also offering free shipping on all order with no minimum require by apply Free Shipping Code at your checkout. Not only offering free shipping but also giving away Life Checks Coupon for you which you can apply Life Checks Coupon after you finish adding your select checks and adding into your shopping cart then you will see a box to enter Life Checks Coupon at your checkout which current Life Checks Coupon can save your money up to 25% Off. For current promotion that Life Checks providing for you which you can order 2nd box of check for $0.49 which Life Checks offering cheapest checks on the internet. If you have any question about Life Checks Products or Services which you can contact their customer support directly at 1-888-478-9537.

Types of Check

Check is the printed matter that can be used instead of cash and gold which can be used to pay off the debt continuously as long as the check isn’t cashed-in. It is very popular for businesses to use check and safe because carrying too much money could be really dangerous from being robbed. According to the Check Law, the person who sign the check will be directly involved in the transaction and with legal matter. When the check is due from the receiving bank, the holder can request for cash from the bank by him/herself or asking someone else who has written the name on the check to pay off the debt accordingly. Because check is the print matter that directly involved with the financial transactions with whatsoever for businesses.

The check users usually use check to pay off the debts and so it is necessary to understand the details in the check that will result in the security in using them. Also, it is imperative to know that there are 2 major types of check.

Bearer check – It is the type of check that the issuer has the authority to pay without having to state the name of the receiver on the check. This is the type that the issuer can just fill in the number, numeric, and the letters by handwriting and just this the check is completed. In transferring this type of check, the holder can just pass along the check to the other party, by this, transfer is considered completed.

Order Check – It is the check that will only be paid by the order or the authorized person. Name of the company or a person with first and last name must be addressed in the check otherwise it will be rejected by the bank. Transferring this type of check can be done by endorsing it at the back of the check and so it increases the level of security. Putting the 2 parallel lines on the front of the check for account payee only is another way to safely transfer the check for the other party.

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