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Let’s food be medicine

Below you will see a great tips for consuming your food

What we eat either build us or kills us, there is no in between. The best part here is that instead of feeling helpless because of our genetics or environment we can actually improve our wellbeing by taking an active control of it. You just need the right information. Below you will see the great point of beginning point and able to encourage you to follow up with your research.

Let’s look at top 4 foods that you must eliminate from your diet.

1. Genetically modified food: These kind of food have DNA that able to changed through genetic manipulation. However, research indicates that the side effects of GM foods include weak immune system. Nutrient deficiencies, infertility and even canser. All GM food should be labelled so consumer have a choice. For labelling does not extend to GM derived refined products. Additive, preservatives, artifical flavour animal products and restaurant or takeaway meals. Most common GM foods to avoid are corn, soy, aspartame, sugar beets and canola.

2. Monosodium Glutamate or Countless derivates: These kind of foods is a flavour enhancer that make food taste and smell better. It is found in almost packaged and prepared foods. MSG has no nutritional benefit. From the research show that it work by over exciting our nervous system and tricking our brain into liking. MSG causes side effect such as headaches, numbness, chest pains and nausea. Research further indicates that different people have different level of sensitivity to MSG and it build up in your system to causes long term damage.

3. The white sugar, salt, flour, rice or pasta: The main issue with the whites when compared to their raw or wholemeal counterparts is that they are bleached. This make them shinier, smoother and hence appealing, but it also strip their nutrients. What’s more, the whites are highly processed and refined, which can affect composition and make them GM without that actual intention.

4. Energy Drinks: These are toxic cocktails of excessive sugar, salts, caffeine and other stimulant designed to boost our energy level. Research indicates that people experience severe side effects such as sweating, rapid heart rate, paranoia and even heart attacks. Both can effect short term and long term consumption of these.

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