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Kids social problem about getting bumped

Getting bumped problem

Your child may see ejection from a friend group as the worst thing that ever happened to your kids and your kids might be right. For some kids it can be more painful than being rejected by a crush because that pain involves only one person. When you are pushed out of a clique, that’s an entire group of people who do not value you, care about you or want to hang out with you. From the research show that exclusion triggers activity in the same part of the brain that controls physical pain. What can you do to take your child grief seriously. Resist the urge to downplay it, even though you know clique trouble is a universal experience and we pretty much all survive. If the situation seems to demant it ask teachers for help in making sure the exclusion is not overt or cruel them keep an eye out for bullying and name calling. At home, listen to your child’s daily recaps. If your child willing to share and empathize. Tell your child to understand why you would be. But don’t go that extra step of disparaging or belittling other kids. As much as it may feel good to both of you in the moment. It sets the wrong example and could make reconciliation difficult for your child later.

To help make the next day at school and the day after that and so on. Feel surmountable child if your child would like to talk through hypothetical social scenarios. If there’s potential for your child to patch things up or make amends, discuss the reasons for the exclusion in the first place. Often it involves a member of the opposite sex especially in adolescence or just sheer jealousy. Encourage your kids to talk to the person with whome there’s real problem.


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