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Keeping your pets cool in summer

Below you will see a great tips fory our pets in summer

During summer time you have to look at the thealth issuest hat able to affect your pet in hot weather. In the heat that you are more likely to see skin problem usually itchy, hot damp or dry skin, trauma such as cat fights on balmy nights, heat stroke in some dogs, snake bite or problem associated with fleas or ticks. You can also see old cats succumb to kidney disease. In traditional Chinese medicine can changes in weather that manifesting as wind, cold, damp, dryness or heat. Especially if they occur suddenly or are extreme can exacerbate underlying imbalances. Therefore, hot, dry weather may lead to signs of heat invasion such as reduced urination, dry skin, constipation, skin and earp roblems. Humidity may lead to a tendency to damp with greasy, smelly ears and hot spots, sluggish behaviour and oily skin. You can help achieve harmony and reduce the impact of changes in season by making change in nutrition and in your pet’s environment to support them as they adapt to the change so minimisingt heir stress.

Cool Food: Traditional Chinese medicine characterises foods and herbs as either warming, neutral, cooling, hor or cold. If dogs and cats are sensitiveto heat and they continue to eat heating food then they are more likely to exhibit signs of excess heat. In summer with hot and either damps or dry weather which it make sense to consider feeding your pet foods that are more cooling and either drying or moisturising, depending on your pet and the weather conditions in your are. Warming foods should be avoided. These include commercial cooked dried food and warming proteins such as lamp, chicken, chicken livera nd beef.

Cooling diets may contain more begies and be lower in saturated fat. Cooling proteins include lean pork, rabbit, duck, lamb liver, eggs and cottage cheese. Neutral proteins include oily fish such as mackerel or sardines, salmon and tuna. Cooling carbohydrates may include buckwheat, millet, pearl barley and white potato. Neutral carbohydratesa re brown rice and quinoa.

Cooling herbs and supplement to add you diet in summer include chlorella, spirulina, dandelion leaf, spinach, celery and nettle leaf.

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