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Keep your pet cooling in summer by Water & Washes

Below you will see great tips for make your pet cooling during summer time

Water & Washes able to provide extra sources of fresh water even if your pet does not seem to need it. For dog or cat with kidney disease. For the recommendation is using liquids by offereing them salt free home made broths or juices eg diluted spring water from a tin of tuna. Cats especially are notoriously ppor drinkers. Environmental support for hot weather is really about common sense. Provide your pet with plenty of water and shelter from the heat. Older animals in particular are less able to cope with extremes of temperature and should be kept in a cool environment on hot days.

The thing that you should avoide is exercise in the heat. Even mid morning is too much for some dogs. Darker haired dogs seem to be more sensitive to heat and it goes without saying that you do not leave animals in parked cars.

take steps to reduce the flea and tick exposure for your pet. minimise the chemical load if you can but do what you need to do. When using pesticides which it is all about the risk versus the benefit for your pet. If you live in an environment where the risk from paralysis ticks is high, it may be safer to use strong anti tick preventers. Add in liver support and plenty of liquids to support organs of detoxification. However if you never see any fleas, there may be not need to use a stong flea insecticide.

Pink nosed, light eared cats and dogs with short fur are prone to sunburn ands kin cancer and should avoid high UV exposure. A rule of thumb is indoors between 11am and 3pm. There are sunblocks that you can try but in many people experience these are either licked off or cause skin irritation.

Some god feel better with a summer haircut and simming and washing can help cool them. Cooling topical treatments includ aloe gel, calendula cream, gotu kola cream and papaw ointment. You can use apple cider vinegar wipes which use makeup pads soaked in apple cider vinegar diluted with water, to settle yeast infection in feet and near mounths or the inside tops of ears. Through nutrition and herbs, management of your pet’s home and lifestyle and use of topical remedies and washes when required, you can help your pet adjust and to get through the summer heat.

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