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Jump for joy for your horses

Below you will see a great tips for jump for joy

Jumping logs out hacking can be part of the fun but if your horse spooks or naps, resulting in a refusal it can be a real drag. Get him over the jumos using the same technique you used to help with napping ask him to go forward and be insistent he will gives you at least one step before you then relax and give him a chance to look and realise it’s not that scary. Giving him an opportunity to choose to go over before asking him to go forward again is the key to success. If he refuses give him a nudge. He will soon learn that it’s easier to go over than it is to refuse and nap. Make sure the jumps are small enough at first that he can be easily step over them from a stanstill. Build your horse’s confidence before moving on to bigger jumps and soon you will be jumping for joy.

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