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Is Surgent CPA Review Good

Surgent CPA Review is good or not?

To have a successful on the CPA Exam is extremely seriously and most of CPA review website know a high quality review from prep courses is the top priority and it’s important piece of the process. Many online CPA Review claim that you will get pass rate higher if you order their courses from them but who know if not making purchase first? Study what you don’t know is very hard to understand and sure you will take a lot of risk. Below you will learn on how Surgent CPA provide a risk free for their customer.

Surgent CPA Review offer Risk free

If you don’t wanna take risk try Surgent CPA Review because they offer Free Trial which you can save up to 400 hours with real time algorithms identify your knowledge gaps and able to create study plans to close them with no credit care required. If you prefer pointless studying, go for Surgent CPA Competitors because they have plenty of options for you.

Course Features from Surgent CPA

Surgent CPA Review offer half the study time plus 2x the pass rates with their adaptive learning technology is the most efficient, effective exam review program on the market. This program able to identifying your stronger and weaker areas and able to taking into consideration real CPA exam content weightings plus real time algorithms and create personalized study plans that focus you on exactly where you need help so you can continually adapt as you make your way through the course.

Study Planner

You can integrated study planner tool helps you determine exactly how many hours you will need to devote for preparation based on your exam date and select study days and mastery of material. Surgent CPA Review is the only one CPA Review Course that accurately and clearly communicates to your CPA Exam readiness. You will know hot you are performing both overall and by topic and when you can expect to pass the CPA Exam.

Students who achieve a Ready Score of 75% or more got pass rate 89.7% of the time
Students who achieve a Ready Score of 85% pass nearly 100% of the time

Is Surgent CPA Review Good?

All we have to say is yes. Surgent CPA Review is good for you because they offer over 6,000 multiple choice question plus 400 task based simulations, textbooks and flashcards all you need to have in order to pass your CPA Exam is here at Surgent CPA Review.

Surgent CPA Review Guarantee

  • You will study less and pass faster (with 2x pass rates)
  • Surgent CPA Review are here to make you successful
  • There is no other product like this on the market

CPA Exam Advice

If you are the one that thinking to taking CPA Exam you will already know how it is difficult test for many candidates to pass. The thing that you have to know is national pass rates are less than 50 percent, but you can increase the pass rate by taking Surgent CPA Review Course because Surgent CPA Review is a great place to get CPA Exam advice. They have experts that have been preparing CPA Students to pass for decades and their candidates pass a nearly twice that national average pass rate. On the other hand they have a great source for trusted CPA Exam advice with 1 on 1 coaching. Adaptive learning course also important and Surgent CPA Review have it to help you pass more reliably and with less study time. Don’t waste your time to take pointless option from Surgent CPA’s Competitor.

Frequently asked questions about CPA Exam and how you go about preparing for it:

Q: How can I increase odds of passing CPA Exam?

A: CPA Exam is so challenging and covers so much of content and most candidates select to get help from a CPA Exam prep course. They used to feature in classroom lectures and most popular CPA Prep Courses are now online. Most of these follow what you may call a liner learning approach, these mean that the course is laid out with same specific path for each student.

Q: How difficult is CPA Exam?

A: The Exam has changed in recent years so it is requiring different skills to pass it. In additional tax and accounting laws have changed and the amount of content tested has grown quite a bit so CPA Exam Pass rates have declined in recent years. Now per the AICPA individual sections have average pass rate between 45% up to 50% pass rates and very often students pass one or two exam section but are unable to pass all four sections within the required 18 month window.

Q: How is CPA Exam Scored?

A: The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy is responsible for administering and scoring the CPA Exam. The candidates take the exam at prometric test centers. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants oversees content updates to the exam. For recent years the AICPA has changed the test by focus more on analytical skills and evaluation. Primarily through what called task based simulation and document review simulation. Simulations are designed to replicate real work scenarios that practicing CPAs will face. Simulations count as 50 percent of your total score on the exam.

Q: What are the parts of CPA Exam?

A: CPA Exam have 4 part test and have totals 14 hours all together. 4 Section is mention below

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

You need to score at least 75 on each of the 4 sections within an 18 month period to pass the CPA Exam

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