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Irritating techono sound Tracks

Below you will see a problem around you that can make a problem

Phone, Screen and Entertainment Systems

From the irritating techno soundtracks of computer games to the shouty style of TV ads to the constant buzz or ring of mobile phones, screens transmit constant noise that can intrude on the calm flow of daily life.

Hush Help

  • Have set blackout periods everyday. That way during those times such as in the morning and during dinnger or after 6pm and you are not hearing the constant zing of another email on your computer or message on your phone and then feeling you need to drop what you are doing to attend to it.
  • Establish at least one technology free night every week where no television program are watched, no computer games are played and no long phone conversations occur. Instead with your family, parter or housemate, engage in conversation, play board games or read a good book.
  • Switch off your mobile. The sky won’t fall in if this is too stressful at least put it into sleep mode and only check it every couple of hours. At bedtime. Don’t take your phone into your room with you.
  • Rather than a loud ringtone like music or a loud retro phone ring. select an ambient sounding ringtone such as beautiful birdsong or classic guitar.
  • If you are sitting at a computer for hours and wear sound cancelling headphones for some of that period to cut out the low frequency hum of your computer.

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