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Introduce the Essential Design Integrated

This post will show you 3 main things for Essential Design Ideas
Introduce the Essential Design Integrated

Connectivity, Timelessness and Functionality

Essential Design Integrated is like a switch thing up which recently when the designer were commissioned to redesign a 30 year old property in the old area and the owner gave the semi detached house a new lease of life by turning its front to the side. Faces as spacious empty land. In order to transform the squalid house into a new and modern home you must minimal the change to the builing’s from original structure. You can also take advantage of the existing garden are. If we are talking about criteria into consideration, you should turn the front of the house to its side which it call reorientation that give the semi detached house a bungalow feeling. The most crucial parties involved for each of design progest are in face that the owner will communication between two has to be precise, honest and constant.

The original floor to ceiling height usually got only 3 metre high which is relatively low for today’s standards. If you are planning of light points and the ceiling design had to be dome carefully to optimise whatever height that you have on ceiling like pendant, lamps and fans. You also need a minimal to lighten in order to keep the feel of the ceiling and to not accentuate the ceiling’s lack of height.

Functionality is everything in the home that serves a purpose. Connectivity also includes circulation, lighting and ventilation. For the last thing is timelassness which you have to design that are not flashy or too trendy because it may become outdated in a short period of time. The design of each home has to work with the people who live in that house.

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