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Idea of Light and Dark for your Home Decoration

The style of home that play with contrast of light and smoky shades

Idea of Light and Dark for your Home Decoration

Many people may use white color on funiture at their house but less people may knew how to use black shade for the suggestion if you are the one that looking for a furniture that can mix and match for black shade such as wood and matte finishes. A lot of interior designers tend to use glossy laminates and shiny surface. For Scandinavian aesthetics of the contemporary luxury Nobis Hotel in Stockholm may be a good inspiration for you if you want to get a great idea like their hotel which you can google and find a picture of interior design at their hotel.

The strong black outline can create elegant that can recurring feature in this apartment which define spaces well andenable the home to appear sharp and polished. The wall and ceiling were kept white but you can also preferred a darker shade for the floors instead of hacking away the original marble flooring. The renovation costs were reduces due to laying high end resilient flooring. The durable material are also suitable for home with pets.

If you want privacy for your home you can add screen was built opposite the main door to demarcate a coy foyer. It’s effectively conceals for the dining area that lies beyond. If you want a widen the walkway that leads from the foyer into the dining are with a small part of the original kitchen was pushed back which it’s small functional space but it’s enough for you to cook your food.

The common area is filled with tasteful firniture and lighting designs. You can also brougth canvas prints to match the interiors which clarifies that is simply attracted to all thing bold and contemporary looking.

Design Tip: If you have splurged on some stylish statement lighting you must keep the surrounding walls bare and finishes simple for a more dramatic effect. Instead of cladding of the entire wall with brick veneer you can cover the bottom half for a raw look that’s not too rough.

In your bed room, besides art you can also enjoy indulging in clothes and designer bags all of which are neatly showcased in a walk in wardrobe that used to be a bedroom. By connecting it with the master bedroom and its en suite bathroom. It’s a great idea that you can created a personal sanctuary for yourself that resembles a room in boutique hotel.

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