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I.R.I.S. is one of the largest source of OCR software and Document Management solutions. When you visit I.R.I.S website you will find their software products that separate into many categories for example OCR Software, Document Server Software, High Speed Scanning Software, Pen Scanners, Digital Pen, Card Scanners, Mobile Scanner, Photo Scanner, Invoice and Form Solutions, Sorting and Indexing Solutions, Toolkits, O.E.M and many more which I.R.I.S. is number 1 for smartphones sends handwritten notes directly to user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. I.R.I.S. enter into OCR software and Document Management solutions business for over 25 years which you can assure in their products quality that will never let you disappointed.

Not only the best source for OCR Software and Document Management Solutions but I.R.I.S. also giving away I.R.I.S. Coupon for you which you can apply I.R.I.S. Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and then you will see a box to apply I.R.I.S. Coupon during your checkout which can save your money up to 30% Off. For current and active I.R.I.S. Coupon is mention below.

Compare Irislink with Other Online Scan Products Store Promotion

Compare Scanner Stores PromotionCoupon or DiscountVariety of ProductsPopularityFree Shipping
I.R.I.S.$50 OffHighHighYes
Staples50% OffHighModerateYes
OpexNo CouponAverageHighNo
ScannersolutionsInstant CouponAverageModerateNo
  • Irislink – IRISlink is a website that you can find and order all types of scanning product and software at affordable price on the internet. For strength point from Irislink website is a variety of scanning product that they provide for you. When you visit Irislink website you will find their products which separate into many categories such as OCR Software, REadiris, IRIScan, Mobile Scanners, Digital Pen, Pen Scanners, Business Card Recognition, IRISCompressor, IRIS invoice solutions, Readiris Corporate and many more products and software for you to shop from Irislink.com. For another strength point from Irislink website that can save more money for you by apply coupon for getting discount at Irislink.com which current Irislink Coupon able to save your money up to $50 Off from your current order price.
  • Staples – Staples is one of the strongest competitor of IRISlink website because they provide a variety of scanner products like IRISlink do. When you visit Staples website you will find their office supplies and scanner product that separate into many categories such as Laptops, Furniture, Office Supplies, Copy & Print, Safety Supplies, Hard Drives and many more for you to shop from Staples website. For strength point from Staples website is coupon for getting discount up to 50% off from your current order price. For another strength point from Staples website is free shipping offer on all order of $45 or more.
  • Opex – Opex is a site that offer a variety of scanners product and accessories at best price on the internet. Opex claim that they are global technology leader in high speed mailroom automation and document imaging. When you visit Opex website you will find their product that separate into many categories such as Document Scannering, Payment Processors, Mail Automation, Mail Scanners, MAil Extractors, Mail Sorters, Omation Envelopeners and many more product and services for serve your business. For weak point from Opex website is no promotion or discount that available at their store.
  • Scannersolutions – Scannersolutions is another stores that offer a vareity of scanners and accessories product for you to shop. When you visit Scannersolutions website you will find their scanner product and accessories that separate into many categories such as Canon, Fujitus, Kodak, Panasonic, Refurbished, Discountinued, Consumables & Roller Kits, Miscellaneous Accessories, Maintenance Plans, Software and many more for you to shop at their website. For strength point from Scannersolutions website is instant discount that Scannersolutions offer for their customer which offer huge saving on promotion items which you can checks it by yourself at their store. For weak point from Scannersolutions website is about free shipping offer because Scannersolutions does not allow free shipping on any online order.


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Benefits of Buying Copyrighted Software

There are still people who are in violations of buying pirate copy of software around the world of which most of the time they don’t even have to buy them but they can just download them from the torrent site. At the matter of fact, buying copyrighted software offer so much benefit for the customers without them knowing it starting from the proud feeling that they are at least pay for the content and the right to use the software. There are, in fact, so many benefits that we can’t just to mention here in one page, however, not saying the benefits of getting the copyrighted software to use at home is not too fair and that’s why we have 3 major advantages for the customers toward the use of true copyrighted software for both personal and business use.

Update – For users that use pirate version of the software regardless of any software publishers, the first thing that they miss is the update. The software from the well-known publisher like Adobe, Microsoft, and so on, have their regular updates on patches, bug fixes, that will help to improve the user’s experiences, increase work productivities, and to have the program to run as smooth as possible

Support – Thanks to today’s technology, the software customers, once purchased the software either download the original copy from the seller or to get the boxed shipped at home. They will be able to get live support. The software publisher will treat the customers as the member of one community and there are rights to ask, request, suggest, and calling for help on any matter that the customer’s are facing with the software they’re using.

Upgrade – What is the different between upgrade and update? Well, the update means that the software publisher finds out that there could be some technical glitches during the use of software and so they send the update patch to change the configuration in the purchased software. However, for upgrade, this means, the upgrade rights, the customers who purchase the genuine first version would be having the exclusivity for current customers by purchasing the next version discount or sometimes being given for free.

IRISnotes – The Digital Pen by I.R.I.S

Below you will see sample products from IRISLink

IRIScan Mouse
IRIScan Mouse

IRIScan Express 3

IRIScan Express 3

IRIScan Pro 3 Cloud

IRIScan Pro 3 Cloud

IRIScan Book 3

IRIScan Book 3

IRIScan Book 3 Executive

IRIScan Book 3 Executive

IRIScan Anywhere 3

IRIScan Anywhere 3

How to select Scanner Products?

Choosing a Scanner Product at professional level must be a scanner with higher resolution because there are a bit different in color in the scan process and scan speed. Paper scans and the film has a size and shape that no too big.

For the frist part that you have to look when you decide to purchase scanner for example CCD Flatbed or CIS Flatbed which these two types of models are different in resolution of the scan image and speed scan. The higher the head scan CIS Flatbed division and the size of the hed scan CCD are thicker and larger than CIS Flatbed Resolution for professional. Resolution is 12000 x 12000 dpi or more. The high resolution will make your result have higher resolution when you scan. After you use your scanner you can adjust the resolution of scanning or using another software program to help which resolution of the program can have up to 9600 dpi.

The follow part is a bit of color in the scan that should be at 48 bit color mode which 48-bit input / 24-bit output the color mode as 16-bit input / 8-bit. For output speed able to preview scan which should be 0.7 seconds or less. Scanning the are usually in A4 size paper capabilities of the scanner to scan image or some text.

The connection between the scanner with your computer are mainly connected via USB which depends opn whether the user’s computer using USB port or USB 1.1 verions which able to transfer data faster. Some model of scanner have a adapter to connect the power to the machine scanner but some models can use the power from the computer directly. One advantage is the user will not need more powe. It has disvantage if power supply of computer is not enough for scanner or some equipment does not work properly.


For user that have limited budget to purchase scanner must select scanner for your need and want. The budget is another option that would be most appropriate for your work. Nowadays, there are a lot of scanner types such as mobile scanner, pen scanner, mouse scanner, digital pen scanner and many more. In term of overall versions of the same products may have different performance which you have to read their product instruction carefully. When you buy scanner you have to consider the key elements that scanner to the user interest of the version or more and the price is close to a budget that used to compare the different brand name. Scanning technology is well aware that there is a CIS and CCD. If you want to focus on the performance of scanning three dimensional objects, you should select CCD technology is better because CIS system is slightly different. If you focus on the speed and save space convenient storage you should select CIS system because CCD device is quite thick and have more weight more than technology CIS restraint on the number of bits of color should be chosen as the standard is 48-bit color is better.

Tips to select the best scanner products?

First of all you have to checks scanner glasses that is clean and dust free after that try to scan your document to see the result. Always use USB in order to test scanning speed. Scanner should scanned at the appropriate resolution for maximum scan speed which no need to scan at 1600 dpi even you scanner has high specification because it required more RAM to scan and take more time. Set the color to match so your scanner may look different when opened on a different machine because the monitor color setting is use a good quality CMS such as Kodak and Apple ColourSync to solve annoying problem.

How to make your scanner become faster?

Scanning speed depends on the computer that you are using which you should use a faster PC with high RAM and Memory because it can help your scanner that have high specification to process faster. Choosing a scanner with high speed in preview, it can help as well. Scanned at a resolution that is most suitable which depending on the type of job that you want. Choose a smaller scan area in the pre-scan process to so your scanner no need to scan the whole piece.

USB 2.0 (Full Speed) is really USB 2.0 or not?

USB 2.0 able to run on any PC with a USB 1.1 or 2.0 connection which they will not work together with the specification.
USB 2.0 Low Speed – USB operation at 1.5MB per second (the speed of the data transfer USB 1.1).
USB 2.0 Full Speed – USB operation at a speed of 12MB per second (the maximum data transfer speed of USB 1.1).
USB 2.0 High Speed – the USB speed 480MB per second to a PC with a USB 2.0 have high speed at 480MB per second which is faster than USB 1.1 and have 40 times speed of data transmission is a 60 MB per second.

For these reason, many manufacturers change their scanner products from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 with full speed instead. But in face these products that change from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 is work as fast as USB 1.1 with no actual speed of USB 2.0 so your should be very very sure that you are purchasing a product that is certified to be a true USB 2.0 High Speed.

Why Select I.R.I.S.?

The reason that why many people select I.R.I.S when desire to order Scanner Products, OCR Software and Document Management Solutions is because I.R.I.S is one of the largest online website that providing Home and Office Products for example OCR Software, Pen Scanners, Card Scanners, Mobile Scanners, Digital Pen, High Speed Scanning Software, Document Server Software, Invoice and Form Solutions, Site License, Tool Kits and many more. I.R.I.S join Home and Office Products for over 25 years which you can assure in their products and software quality that will never let you disappointed.

I.R.I.S. Coupon: By using I.R.I.S. Coupon that mention above these post which can save your money up to $30 Off plus free shipping.

I.R.I.S Customer Services: If you have any question about I.R.I.S Products or Services which you can contact their customer support directly at +32-(0)10-45 13 64.

Steps to Enter I.R.I.S. Coupon

Step1: Select your items when you visit I.R.I.S website

Step2: After you finish select your items and then click at Buy Now

Step3: After you click at Buy Now then select your products version and click at Buy Now again

Step4: After you click at Buy Now button then Enter I.R.I.S. Coupon and click recalculate as you can see like picture below

Note: Some I.R.I.S Coupon will apply automatic at you checkout after you click at I.R.I.S Coupon above and some promotion from I.R.I.S no needed to use any Coupon.

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