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Hydration and Protein for building Endurance

Below you will see a few tips for builind endurance with hydraton and Protein


Good hydration and maintenance of electrolyte levels are essential. Not only is water important for almost every chemical reaction that include energy synthesis in the body, electrolytes sodium, postassium, magnesium and calcium are also vital. These function to maintain whole body and cellular fluid balance. We can call on these electrically charges minerals during training for many reactions that including muscle function nerve impulses and cardiovascular function.

Magnesium is commonly depleted in athletes often requiring supplementation. In addition to the above, it supports healthy cellular energy production utilisation and storage assists the metabolism of carbohydrates and may increase oxygfem uptake capacity and reduce blood lactate levels.


Strength and endurance will greatly influenced by your ability to recover from previous training sessions and to minimise the muscle damage and pain during your session. Protein is essential for healthy muscle recovery with one of the most ideal proteins being whey. Protein ingestion however, is not just essential immediately after a session. The process of muscle recover continues for around 12 hours following training and therefore regular consumption of 20 – 25g of protein for every 3 hours if possible will support maximal recovery and growth and assist performance in subsequent sessions. The benefits of consuming small amounts of protein during a long intense session. Ingesting protein in combination with carbohydrates was shown to reduce exercise stress.

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