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How to Water your Plants

How to Water your Plants

Plants are living Completely on the appropriate growth factors with light, temperature, water, air and food. Due to these kind of factors that make the balance of the mechanism of growth that occurred such as Grow in the shade of the hot weather may not grow in the sunlight or low temperatures. Many plants manufacturing have must control these kind of factors in order to manage their plants to growth in the environment that they want their plant to growth. In the matter of light and temperature may help shape the building while weather is a particular problem areas with industrial or traffic jams many effect air pollution so Selected areas to growth your plant is very important.


Water is the basic element of life on Earth. Pant cells are dissolved minerals and nutrients that promote growth. In additional, water are also used in organic synthesis processes as much as supply of water from the soil to plants. But in some cases the plants may be located in a water vapor as well. Humidity are also affect the temperature inside the plants as well. Due to the weather conditions of high humidity. If your plant have no gas exchange and dehydration, it can cause the interior temperature and the outside temperature was higher plants.

The quality of water are also important because the temperature of water that used to water the trees must not be too low or high because leaves and roots of trees may be harmed by the water temperature such as the leaves of African Violet will have wound from cold water. which is often found in the plant is potted ornamental table in the air.

The acid base of the water is another factor that determines the quality of the water to growth your plants because each types of minerals are beneficial to plant are different when dissolved in water with acidity and different base. In general, the acid and base of the water is measured as pH and acidic water will have pH lower than 7, while the water is alkaline with pH greater than 7, The water is acids Bast suited for plants. Water quality is the most important factor. Water with minerals dissolved contaminant may be toxic and affect the growth of plants because the root system is exposed to water that contaminated with minerals which is good to release water from the roots. The root cause wilt damage. Some Minerals have heavy metals from the plant. Water from natural water sources may have sources of water quality problem as well. The waste water from the houses that often fat and sodium phosphates mixed with other organic compounds in the water with lox oxygen content and a lot of impurities. It’s not conducive to the growth of the plant so choosing a good quality water source is important to growth your plants.


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