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How to use proper wine glasess to make different?

How to make a big different by using wine glasses?

Shape or Material Issue of Wine Glasses

Shape or Material Issue

How does material and shape of glass affect the taste and aroma of wine?

The shape and size of qulaity wine glasses are very important when drinking wine. The flavours can change dramatically depending on the type of glass that you use. A glasses of wine with a stem is the most ideal as holding the glass itself will cause heat to transfer from your hand to your drink. When select a wine glass you should always go for one with tulip shape with wide bottom that is tapered upwards. This allows the wine to release aromas when swirled and concentrate near the mouth of the glass. Glasses that rims are wider than their bowl are not suitable for wines with delicate aromas. Avoid using colour glasses with quirky design. Glasses may look good on your dinner table but they are not the best way to enjoy your valuable wines. The thickness of the glass is also important factor. The thinner it is the beeter enjoyment that you will get from your wines. Some brands name of wine glasses can create series of glasses that made to suit a specific grape varietal. Moreover, if you do not want to have a huge collection of glasses at your house you can select a set of mediium size that you can use for any wines.

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