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How to use caffeine to give edge

Below you will see a few tips from consuming caffeine

It does not take much caffeine to give you an edge and you should customise your dose based on your body weight. Your training might benefit from a dose slightly less than one and a half time your body weight in milligrams. For example if your wegiht is 60 kilogram and then a dose of juse below 200 milligrams may give you the boost you are looking for. Remember that more is not always better and may actually hider your performance.

Dose: Start with a dose of 3 to a maximum of 6 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. Increase the amount as needed. If you are sensitive to caffeine start out at a much lower dose. One to three milligram per kilogram of body wegith if you do not get a boose try upping your dose by 50% the next time. If caffeine supplementation decrease your performance or provides no effect then it may not be for you.
Time: Time for consume 60 mintuess prior to exercise for enhanced performance or immediately post workout paired with a source of carbohydrates for optimal recovery.

Factors: Effects may be greater for morning workout VS afternoon workouts. Additionally a tolerance to caffeine may also reduce its effects so try cutting back on caffeine for seven days to elicit a better response.

Let’s see what’s dose?

Green Tea : Caffeine (mg) 24-40 per 225g

Cola : Caffeine (mg) 30 – 45 per 350ml

Espresso Shot : Caffeine (mg) 40 – 75 per 30g

Caffeinated gels : Caffeine (mg) 30 -100 per gel

Red Bull : Caffeine (mg) 80 per 250ml can

Brewed Coffee : Caffeine (mg) 100 – 200 per 225g

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